Restorative Dentistry

Years ago I had a hole in the back of one of my front teeth. My tongue kept traveling to that hole. No matter how hard I tried to keep my tongue away from that hole it just seemed to navigate to that spot. Finally I went to see my dentist and he was asking me to keep my tongue away from the hole. He would start to work and next thing we both knew my tongue headed right to that hole. My dentist tried to start three times on that hole and each time my tongue went to the hole and managed to get in the way. Finally the dentist used some kind of a dental device and my tongue was made to stay out of the way so my dentist could get the job done.
dental work
Another time my mother went to the to get all of her teeth removed, but was going to get her dentures at a later date. The dentist wanted her mouth to heal first before fitting the new dentures into her mouth. She had several shots to deaden the pain and her mouth was still numb when she left the office. As she drove down the country road she kept feeling something inside her mouth and kept chewing on and wondered what it was. Looking in the rear view mirror she realized the thing she was chewing on was her tongue. Thank goodness there was no damage to her tongue and a week later she had her new dentures.

One way that can be avoided is to eat healthy foods, watch your snacks and floss all of your teeth. If you want to just floss a few teeth then it will be only a few teeth that you end up saving. It does not take that long to brush your teeth or to get them flossed. Take time away from the computer, television, cell phone or any other device because they will always be there. If you do not take care of your teeth and gums they will soon be gone. Your gums are also very important because it is your gums that hold your teeth in your mouth. Your smile will look better and you will feel better with good looking teeth.

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