Eyelid Surgery in Michigan – Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery in Michigan is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in less than an hour, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Blepharoplasty more popularly referred to as “eyelid surgery” in Michigan, can greatly improve the overall appearance of people in Michigan who suffer from drooping eyelids or droopy eyelids that are droopy due to aging. Blepharplasty is also known to leave patients with an uplifting and rejuvenating look that will make patients much more confident in their look.

For patients who have drooping eyelids, droopy eyelashes or sagging eyelids, cosmetic eye surgeries in Michigan are designed to enhance these areas and make them appear younger and fresher. Some examples of blepharoplasty procedures include reshaping the eyelids, thinning of the skin around the eyes, and increasing the size of the eye itself. Some patients may also have an upper eyelid lift performed to decrease the appearance of droopiness in the upper portion of the eye. Other patients may undergo Botox injections into their upper eyelids, which can reduce the occurrence of eye contractions that are one of the causes of droopy eyes.

Eyelid Surgery in Michigan is not for everyone, however, so if you have had any type of medical history that you do not understand or are concerned about, make sure you discuss all your options with your doctor or plastic surgeon before any surgical procedure is scheduled. You should also ask your doctor what kinds of medications you should avoid while undergoing eyelid surgery. There are some cases, such as people who are allergic to some medications, that you will want to be absolutely certain that you and your doctor know what medications will not harm you prior to any surgery.

If you are in Michigan, you can schedule an appointment with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic eye surgeries in the state. These surgeons work in a variety of environments, including private offices and hospitals. Many of them offer complimentary initial consultations, which can help you learn about the surgeon and his or her background. Some cosmetic surgeons work in an outpatient setting, while others may work in a hospital setting or in a medical office setting.

Your cosmetic surgeon in Michigan will be able to advise you of the best procedure for your particular case and will work with you to make your vision problems a thing of the past. After your surgery, you will be given specific instructions to take care of your eye, including keeping it moisturized by applying special lenses to your eye whenever possible to prevent any infections. The surgeon will perform an eye examination to determine whether the eye drops will be most beneficial for your particular case.

Before deciding on the right cosmetic surgeon for you, check out websites online or contact cosmetic surgeons in the state to see what kind of experience they have, as well as to discuss payment plans, insurance coverage and other important information. Your cosmetic surgeon in Michigan will be able to give you the necessary guidance to make the best decision.